Hiram Monserrate has found one constituency that will stand behind him as he tries to fight his way back into the state Senate—people who don't like gays. Thanks to his vote against the same-sex marriage bill, the former Queens legislator has won the support of Corona Rev. Ricardo Reyes. "I have seen a generation sunk down by the gay community," Reyes told the Queens Village Times. "If we vote for a gay marriage situation ... we are sending our children to practice something against the Bible."

The Voice points out that Reyes claims he represents 612 churches—which means a lot of possible supporters for the expelled politician's "Yes We Can" party campaign against Jose Peralta for the March 16 special election. Most Democratic leaders have rallied behind Peralta, and Monserrate opponents have lashed out against him with mailings that recall the domestic incident that lead to his ouster. Monserrate's rivals have started a website, and are even attacking the former Councilman and cop on his 2008 campaign website.

The Times reports that opponents have taken over the comments section of www.hirammonserrate.com and left messages including "You couldn't be a bigger scumbag if you tried. Please f*** off forever" and "Douche bag. I can't believe this is still up." In other crazy Queens Democratic politics news, moments after former Monserrate chief of staff and current Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras emailed supporters to tell them she was endorsing Peralta, someone slashed her tires, according to the Queens Courier.