It's been too long since we've had any Hiram Monserrate news, so here we go. The former State Senator, whom you may remember from such incidents as slashing his girlfriend with a broken glass and the coup that crippled Albany last summer, may really be considering an Assembly run. While there were rumors of this possibility in March, now that Bryan Pu-Folkes has dropped out of running for Jose Peralta's old Assembly seat, Monserrate's name is once again in the mix of possible contenders.

The Daily Politics called the disgraced former lawmaker, who said, "All I can tell you is that I'm going to have lunch right now. I don't think that's the quote you were looking for." Peralta, who vacated the Queens Assembly seat to beat Monserrate in the Senate election, said, "It's a democracy. If he chooses to do so he will, but voters will have an opportunity to vote on someone who has not only disgraced state government, but has really not yet apologized in full for what has occurred. So if he throws his hat in the ring, he's going to have to deal with those issues again."

Then Monserrate called back the Daily Politics, "Mr. Jose Peralta should focus a little more on the two-months-past-deadline budget in the state of New York, the budget deficit, which is the several billions of dollars, and, on the local front, maybe he can do something about the overflowing garbage cans on 37th Ave. and Roosevelt Ave. He should be doing his job of representing the people and a little less politicking. He hasn't done too much since he's gotten there." In the meantime, let Monserrate get back to his boxing and bad pickup lines!