Over the weekend, State Senate Democrats met at the Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network headquarters in Harlem to discuss sharing power with the Senate Republicans. Senator Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) also spoke on Sharpton's radio show—and compared himsel to Jesus. The Daily News reports that besides saying he was the target of a political jihad, Monserrate also said, "You know, I'm never gonna compare myself to anyone in the biblical context...I remember Jesus himself, when he saw that in the temple there were merchants setting up shop, [he] began to turn over a few tables along."

He also said, "If it costs my election one day because I decided to turn over a table or two and say business gotta be done different, then so be it. That means I’m going to be here seven days a week, volunteering at the National Action Network." PolitickerNY, in a post titled "This Is the Cup of Hiram's Blood, Which Will Be Shed for You and for All," has video:

Sharpton said, "Always remember that when Jesus turned over the table, he knew he could be crucified, but he knew he could get back up. Always make sure you got the resurrection guaranteed before you start getting crucified."

Anyway, we don't think throwing the Senate into chaos like turning over tables—it's more like setting the house on fire, but whatever, Monserrate got his way—since his enemy Malcolm Smith is no longer the Democrats' internal conference leader.