All eyes continue to focus on the one wildcard at the center of this week's madness in Albany, Senator Hiram Monserrate. The Times has a profile on his controversial history seemingly always amidst chaos—from his retirement from the NYPD due to a psychological disability to onetime speculation that he was connected to the Church of Scientology. Meanwhile, Room Eight makes the whirlpool around Monserrate swirl just a little more rapidly, piecing together a timeline of when the state senator traded up to an incredibly expensive attorney in his assault case coinciding right around the time that he and Senator Pedro Espada began sitting down with billionaire Tom Golisano, plotting the Senate takeover. Wherever that money is coming from, it sounds like Monserrate's going to need it. In a court filing about the condition of Monserrate's girlfriend Karla Giraldo that was just released, prosecutors state, "According to the doctor, some of the wounds were very deep, extending through the skin and muscle down to the bone."