Yesterday, we got video evidence that the L Train tunnels have finally been cleared of water more than a week after Hurricane Sandy flooded many subways and brought mass transit to a standstill for days. But now we're left twiddling our thumbs and wondering WHEN the L train will not be fucked, and we can all resume transporting our pet rats back and forth between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The good news is it should be soon!

NY1's Pat Kiernan is hopeful it'll be any minute now: "They've said either today or tomorrow for the L train. Tracks are dry. Repairing signals and equipment now." MTA Chairman Joe Lhota is playing it cool and vague for now: "The L will be back when it's safe for passengers. We're working as hard we can to power it up." We've contacted the MTA hoping to get some more concrete information, and will update once we hear anything more.

But in the meantime, this has been a very serious crisis for the "hipsters" who allegedly rely on the L train—why, it's "worse than a Pabst Blue Ribbon shortage," or something, according to the Post. “Bedford [Avenue] is pretty slow when the train’s not on,” glum Bushwick bartender Malori McLaughlin told them. Oh sure, she may be putting on a brave face, but she seems on the verge of throwing down her trucker hat, moving to FiDi, and getting a job working for Deutsche Bank, all because the delays have "put a serious dent on the social scene in the artsy L train enclaves," as the Post puts it.

The pain was certainly palpable enough that the Post found it fit to dredge up cliches about Williamsburg circa 2004 and pin an article about how they don't know when the L train will return (they literally have "no clue" when it'll be back) with the SEO-bait/puntastic headline "Hipsters Off Track." Oh sure, we used "hipsters" in the headline too—but at least we're staying true to the spirit of those early 00's pioneers—the ones who first thought up the idea to make a kitchen table out of train track ties—by using the word in its preferred, ironic form.