"Hipsters" have claimed Montauk as their own and are in the process of dismantling the soul of Rockaway Beach one parcel of real estate at a time, but who would have thought they'd ruin surfing for everyone? “It’s ridiculous,” 42-year-old surfer and Rockaway resident Richard Livsey tells the Daily News. “The hipsters go out there and take waves from people who can actually surf. If they did that in Puerto Rico or Hawaii they would get beaten up.” But not in New York, where the preferred method of retaliation is through The Media. Try shredding the gnar with that crappy Klout score!

The issue seems to be that inexperienced surfers (which will now be referred to as "Hipsters" to improve pageviews) are "dropping in" on the salty dogs' waves, ruining the sport for veterans. “I’ve never seen it like this,” Livsey said, presumably as he unironically levitated above a giant carnivorous fish. “If they came here and respected the culture it would be one thing, but they disregard the No. 1 rule in surfing: They drop in on you.”

But Hipsters are good for business, and more surfers is good for the sport of surfing, a worker at Boarders Surf Shop says: “Rockaway used to have ‘Playland.' After that, development was stagnant. Now they are bringing a whole movement that is a different culture. They’re bringing in a lot of business. I think it’s good for the community."

Rockabus founder Ryan Hefner adds, "No one wants their local spot over-run. At the same time it’s tough because it’s public space. People are more aware of the beach." A deeply embedded, longtime Rockaway residential surfer source tells Gothamist that at least one Hipster is making new friends, even if he does have "a weird voice" and "talks about robbing banks all the time. He's a good surfer though. Don't know how he learned so fast."