This past Memorial Day weekend, a 21-year-old Brooklyn woman was arrested and accused of drunk-plowing her boyfriend's parents' Benz right through a 96-year-old woman's Long Island home. But when true love is in the equation, you never know what to believe—and as it turns out, Sophia Anderson wasn't actually driving the Benz that day. Allegedly intoxicated boyfriend Dan Sajewski—who shook the hand of the owner of the home after the accident—allegedly convinced an intoxicated Anderson to switch seats with him and take the blame for the crash.

According to the Post, Sajewski was arrested today and charged with a DWI because he "was driving and he switched places with" Anderson; Anderson's DWI charge will be dropped, though she will now be charged with obstruction of justice. Her lawyer, John LoTurco, said Sajewski sweet-talked Anderson into taking the blame because he had a prior criminal case, telling her the system would go easier on her.

LoTurco said investigators "found his DNA on the driver’s side airbag—not my client’s. She was very intoxicated but she remembers him coming up to her after the crash and giving her a hug and saying he loved her and she had to do this for him." He added: "It’s the ultimate betrayal of trust from a former loved one. She was in love with him. He manipulated her with false promises, false love. He told her they would go easy on her. He told her he would take her on vacation and would pay for her attorney and he didn’t do any of those things."

Sajewski is no stranger to criminal court: he was convicted of marijuana possession in Brooklyn in 2010 and for selling Ecstasy in Southhampton in 2009. He has two cases pending in Nassau County, including a petty larceny charge from August 2009 and charges from October 2009 for marijuana possession, driving while using a cell phone and driving without a license. And in June, he was briefly jailed for failing to complete mandated community service from a prior disorderly conduct conviction (which involved him wielding a gravity knife and riding between a D train's subway cars in Harlem). Say what you want about Sajewski, the dude sure knows how to have a good time.