We must admit we rolled our eyes at this Daily News lede: "A group of hipsters are suing the NYPD, accusing cops of busting up their bash, arresting them, and eating their pizza!" Again with the hipster? Look, just because they were arrested at a party in Gowanus doesn't necessarily mean they fall into that increasingly vague and meaningless category! And really Daily News, must you inform us that NYPD spokesman Paul Browne "dismissed the saucy allegations"?

Some 20 "hipsters" are suing the city for wrongful arrest. They claim that while they languished in jail police at the 78th precinct station house offered to order pizza for them. But the plaintiffs allege that after taking their money, cops scarfed down most of the pizza themselves, and kept the change! Not cool, cop dudes. After 30 hours in lockup, the hungry crusty hipsters were finally released, and the charges were dropped. But they're still pretty cheesed off about the whole thing.

"They were calling me their 'future Mexican wife' and were rating the girls while taking our pictures," says one former hipster prisoner, who was rounded up with 33 others when cops raided a party on Union Street. Neighbors say the host had been using the three-story building, which had been ordered vacated by the city, to throw raucous parties. As for the allegations that NYPD officers crashed the prison pizza party, NYPD spokeman Paul Browne tells the News, "When the suspects first complained of being hungry, police officers gave them pizzas that the officers had ordered and paid for themselves." And this is the thanks those selfless officers get! Is it any wonder why police refuse to give prisoners things like insulin and porn.