Well you gotta hand it to Kari Ferrell, aka the Hipster Grifter. Five months after her story lit up the blogosphere and she's now in a Utah jail after being arrested for her fraudulent and thieving past, Ferrell continues to play the media like a fiddle. Ferrell has now taken her publicity tour to a bigger stage, giving "an exclusive jailhouse interview" to ABC News, providing her with a platform to express herself the way one would in an online profile. Among the choice tidbits and quotes that Kari shares:

  • She says that the reason her story became such a big deal is because she is "pretty, intelligent and very well spoken."
  • She calls herself "funny and charming." To prove it, she describes her childhood as "akin to the Cleavers, just a little less Aryan" and says that she did things like take piano and tennis lessons as a child in Utah, but quit because she guesses she was "not WASPy enough for it."
  • The self-titled "Korean Adbul-Jabbar" goes on about her intelligence, claiming to have skipped first grade, how her teachers didn't know what to do with her, and her testing was "off the charts."
  • She says that the reason that so many people in New York shared stories about her and made accusations without any charges being filed was because, "Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame. They wanted to be in the media. They wanted to be a victim of the quote-unquote Hipster Grifter."
  • The young woman who famously used the metaphor about how she'd like to "throw your hot dog down my hallway" lists her favorite authors as Henry Miller, Proust, Augusten Burroughs, Jack Kerouac and Tolstoy. But in the jail library she's been reading David Sedaris and Ira Glass.
  • On her well covered exodus to Philadelphia, Ferrell says that she went "to slow the media down. But you guys are crazy. You'll go anywhere."
  • Her plans after she gets out of jail...coming back to New York. "If there is anywhere that can forgive, it would be New York."

Ferrell is scheduled to be sentenced in Utah for charges of forging checks, fraud and theft on October 9th. She could receive up to 12 years, but is expected to receive less time after copping a plea deal. The Law & Order episode based on the hipster grifter tale is expected to come early in the new fall season.