The ongoing internet trail leading to Kari Ferrell photos and information has now led to a cached MySpace page, which she started under the name "Sylvester Stabone." As one might expect, it's jam packed with sexual innuendo, topless photos and other nonsense. But her past is coming back to haunt her in other ways as well—now firmly settled into Day Six of Griftergate, the fascination with Ferrell-penned notes has reached a new level: eBay! A matchbook from Greenpoint's Coco66 is being auctioned off, with a note reading: "The only meat in my mouth comes on a six foot stick," signed Ping Pong. With 5 days left, it's got 11 bids and is up to a recession-friendly $11.50. There's no way this is getting up to three-figures, but if it does, perhaps Ferrell can be pat on the back for bailing out one hipster at a time.