Where in the world is Kari Ferrell? All signs point to her still living in New York, being spotted in Greenpoint, DUMBO and even at Williamsburg's Barcade. And now her victims, and Kari herself, are speaking out... the latter with much more brevity.

With her life story and photos saturating the internet, she wrote in to Gawker like the perfect self-handled PR puppet that she is, saying, "I am very sorry for everything I have done, and cannot— and will not—make any bloviated excuses for my actions." She also declares that she hasn't been up to her no-good tricks in years, something her "victims" would disagree with.

One recent would-be victim, a recent transplant who was looking for love on Craigslist only to land himself in Miss Ferrell's Crown Heights apartment, has now come out with his tale. It's a long one, with nothing really telling aside from her angling to get cash from him to pay her rent, before the two even met. Otherwise, he makes several declarations that he's not attracted to her nor her "cherubic frame," however, he did make out with her and probably would have gone further had she not told him she wanted to take things slow. Odd coming from someone who passes along sexually aggressive notes to strangers.

Others who have encountered Miss Ferrell, an old roommate and a former friend, both note her inability to be a good con artist, and her attempts at getting money out of their circle of friends. In the end, though, they were luckily only witness to her skipping out on paying for cabs and food deliveries. Not quite the fraud, theft, and $60,000 in bad checks she's wanted for in Utah.

Finally, there's her Salt Lake City bail-bond agent who talks to the Observer about a year-long web of lies she's weaved, and declared: “I’d smack the shit out of Kari if she came by.” What does the NYPD have to say about all of this nonsense? They told one tipster “Call us when she kills somebody.”