The so-called "hipster day trader" who faces a $172 million tax lien from the IRS over unfiled 2006 taxes is talking and he says it's all a simple mistake. Marcos Esparza Bofill, now 32, assured the Daily News, "I only have to fill [out] the correct forms and everything will be solved .... I do have people taking care of this."

Esparza Bofill, who lived in an East Village tenement with roommates, tried his hand at day trading but didn't do very well so he moved back to Barcelona. He said in an e-mail, "My trading was successful at the beginning, but just enough to pay the bills. At the end of the oil boom, I took a small loss... I did not file the tax because I did not have profits for 2006, and I thought I did not have to pay anything. I asked a pal who worked in taxes and [he] told me that it was [okay] if I leave it like that." Lesson to all of us: When it comes to the IRS, don't just rely on pals!

The $172 million amount was likely based on the amount of Esparza's trades—$500 million (the IRS assumed it was all profit, thereby coming up with the $172 million number). He mused, "It's pretty strange. I became famous for a day in NYC, but nobody cares about this here in Spain - so for me it's just an Internet experience. Very funny."