With the nation's thirst for information regarding "Hipster Cop"—a.k.a. Community Affairs Detective Rick Lee—increasingly insatiable, we contacted him for an interview, hoping he'd shed some light on his sartorial choices and tell us whether he prefers Gummo or Trash Humpers. Sadly, Detective Lee turned down our interview request (he's probably holding out for The Believer) and referred us to the NYPD's press office, where inquiries go to die. But as luck would have it, we did find someone in the 1st Precinct with intimate knowledge of Detective Wes Anderson. Our source (call him/her "Deep Runoff") agreed to speak with us—but only on condition on anonymity, out of fear that Hipster Cop wouldn't let him borrow his copy of Infinite Jest. Here's what we found out about Inspector Dreamypants:

  • Lee's single, although it is unknown if he is "ready to mingle."
  • He's been a cop for close to 20 years, and his father was a member of the FDNY.
  • Born in Brooklyn, Lee now resides on Staten Island.
  • He rides a bike and approves of bike lanes! But he doesn't ride fixed gear :(
  • Lee eats organic food, and we're told he isn't the stereotype of the coffee and donut-eating NYPD officer (as if you couldn't tell).
  • He likes both Coldplay AND Radiohead!
  • We're told he's not on Twitter or Facebook—must be off-the-grid for that sweet indie cred.
  • He's actually been called "hipster cop" for years—the nickname originated with someone at the mayor's office who was directing someone to Lee by saying, "Oh you'll recognize him, he's the hipster cop."
  • His eyeglasses are actually Ray Ban sunglasses for J Crew which he modified by popping the tinted lenses out and putting in his own prescription. How DIY is that?!

These details will have to suffice until the NYPD press office finally gives us permission to ask the burning questions, like would he arrest Thom Yorke if he sat down in the street?

Reporting by Nell Casey