It's been a while since we've heard from Hipster Cop, the dapperest detective ever to don a cardigan. It's unclear what happened to Community Affairs Detective Rick Lee—perhaps he left the life of crime fighting behind to start his own bespoke suit shop, or maybe he moved to Detroit, where the scene's way better. But even without Detective Lee's beloved straight ties patrolling the streets, the police force isn't going without a resident style maven who can jive with the kids. Enter, Hipster Cop II: The 'Stached One:

We don't know much about this mysterious mustachioed civil servant, but look at that gentle hair flip and perfect, waxed ends of his whiskers. There's no way this police officer doesn't spend his free time organizing his record collection in subsets by genre and bitching about how Shane Smith destroyed Williamsburg. Hipster Cop II, reveal thyself!