As the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the media become more familiar with the styles and faces of the NYPD officers charged to watch over Zuccotti Park, "Hipster Cop" AKA 1st Precinct Community Affairs Detective Rick Lee has stood out in a sea of white and blue and drab Law & Order gray. Little is known about Lee—is he gay? Does he have kids? Is he into mumblecore?—but the Sparrow Project has compiled compelling video footage of Hipster Cop in his native habitat.

Per his speech to a CB 1 meeting regarding the eventual eviction of the protesters from Zuccotti Park, the accompanying article warns demonstrators not to be disarmed by his appearance that sets him apart from his peers: he's still a cop. Yeah the "myriad tumblr references to his style" are funny, the author writes, but "it is important to remember Hipster Cop is part of the process of intimidation, ridicule, an violence being levied against us."

But do we really peg this cop as a "Hipster?" Sure he rocks browline glasses and patterned cardigans, but aren't his shoes a tad polished for a night out at Shea Stadium? And shouldn't he be working at the 90th Precinct in Williamsburg, or the 83rd if he was patrolling Roberta's? Does he even KNOW how to butcher a whole hog? Besides, "hipster" is "lazy journo-speak." And he seems a little to GQ for a stock American Apparel model.

What should "Hipster Cop's" new nom de guerre be?