2006_08_kirby.jpgA follow up to the story about the relatively fashionable and young bankrobbing duo: It turns out they are brother and sister and have robbed a total of three places this month. And what's more, Joe Kirby and Shemini Kirby were arrested after the cops staked out a methadone clinic when Joe was getting treatment. The Daily News reports that 20th Precinct cops suspected that the robbers were drug addicts, and once they busted Joe, he turned and agreed to call his sister and tell him to meet her to rob a bank on West 57th. Must have been desperate times to give up his sister. Joe, who did the robbing, and Shemini, who was lookout, robbed Independence Bank, North Fork Bank, and Commerce Bank branches this month - and all these banks seem to be ones with the "friendlier" style set-ups.

Again, both the Post and News noted their fashion sense while robbing the banks and how Joe looks like Ashton Kutcher.