Doctors rallying for malpractice reform, at a Jefferson City, MO court; AP Photo/Kelley McCallThe insanely rising costs of malpractice insurance are leading New Jersey doctors to stage a walkout next week, at least one day, maybe even the whole week. The walkout is being coordinated by the Medical Society Of New Jersey. New Jersey is not the first state to have its doctors protest the costs of malpractice insurance (example, an oral surgeon's annual insurance might be $300,000 - imagine paying that plus your office overhead of staff, equipment, much do you have to work to break even?); doctors in many other states, including Florida have walked out. But the walkout planned for Monday, of thousands of doctors, would be one of the largest. My uncle, who has a GI practice, is walking out on Monday; my aunt, who is an infectious diseases specialist, would have to report to work at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital because doctors there are required to come to work, but she planned a week of vacation months in advance. Take a look at medical malpractice laws by state.