Yesterday, a judge threw out a lawsuit against a Midtown restaurant over a 2006 "Shake It Like Shakira" contest. Back then, Megan Zacher, competing at Calico Jack's Cantina, was dancing on the bar but fell and, according to court documents, "shredded ligaments" in her knee. Ouch!

Zacher's lawsuit claimed that the restaurant's bar area was "wet, unprotected and unsafe" and her lawyer said in 2006, "Between people and bartenders spilling drinks on the bar, it's just not a safe surface." Hmm, bars with spilt drinks—say it ain't so.

Apparently a judge didn't think that Zacher's lawsuit, which said Calico Jack's should have known such a contest was "dangerous and likely to cause injury," didn't have merit. But we think it's awfully suspicious it's happening the same week that Shakira is busting new hippy moves: