2006_8_health_hiphop.gifSome study from some university in some UK town, name ending in -ester or -ilshire or something, finds that fans of hip-hop music have more sex than other music fans. 38% of hip-hop fans in the study had had sex with multiple people in the past five years while only 1.5% of country music listeners had had more than one square dance partner. Also (we can see the angry comments now), more than 50% of hip-hop and dance music fans claim to have committed a criminal act in their bass-driven pasts. Other secret habits revealed: a quarter of classical music fans have smoked weed and about a tenth of opera fans dig magic mushrooms. To get involved in the study, check out: www.musicaltastetest.com.

A Healthy (Student) Body

NYU, unlike America, will now provide health care to all (of its students), regardless of insurance status. Students will be covered for primary care and women's health needs as well as for mental health visits and dental emergencies. Sure they'll have to pay higher tuition and fees, but they won't be left in the breeze during the upcoming flu season and after the latest kegger. This is good news because as the keen observors at the Washington Square News note, in a "city like New York, everyone gets sick."

Bits & Bytes

+ The kids down at NYU also have some advice on keeping off that unsightly freshman 15.

+ Like we kept telling our mom growing up, spinach is totally bad for you.

+ It's not summer in New York without someone dying from West Nile Fever. But sources still aren't sure that's what did him in.

+ We can always count on Harvard for ground breaking research like how to not be tired.

+ And finally: Robo-chicks.