Can hotel guests get some peace and quiet in Lower Manhattan? The Millenium Hilton is suing the Port Authority and Silverstein Properties for $8 million, claiming the noise from the construction at the World Trade Center site is costing them business. "On numerous occasions, guests have checked out of the Millenium Hilton days before their scheduled departure date due to the noise from the construction," the lawsuit alleges. According to the Post the Hilton has installed 200 "white-noise machines" and "complimentary ear plugs" to rectify the noise, none of which are available to regular citizens who come in contact with Paris Hilton.

The racket, which the Daily News reports lasts 16 hours a day, includes "the blasting of rock and physical vibrations," as well as "piercing beeping sounds" and "noise spikes." Longtime client Goldman Sachs has even started moving employees staying at the hotel away from the din. ""It isn't as bad as it was in the beginning, when they were doing the foundation," one Goldman Sachs employee from North Carolina tells the Post.
"Now, they're breaking up concrete, so there's a lot of drilling." Presumably he's well-heeled enough to have replaced his ears with those Bose noise-canceling headphones.

To help business bounce back, the Hilton is asking the Port Authority and Silverstein Properties, who is building luxury apartments near the site, to install double-paned windows, as it did for residences nearby, but a spokesman for Silverstein says, "Everything we do adheres to applicable codes." And a guest notes, "I knew how close it was when I booked the hotel." Which is precisely what the Millenium Hilton markets: they're currently booked solid for September 11, 2011.