The Daily News uses today's cover to wonder about Hillary Clinton's march to the Presidency. Though many signs point to her running (the campaign war chest! winning re-election by even taking some Republican areas in NY State!), she still needs to make the decision. Republican Representative Peter King tells the Daily News that the GOP shouldn't underestimate Clinton - and husband Bill.

"I've seen her walk into a room full of firemen on Long Island who really had no use for her, and by the end they're asking her for pictures with their children," said Long Island GOP Rep. Pete King.
"Probably a lot of Republicans would want Hillary, but I think they'd be making a mistake," he said, pointing out that Democrats licked their chops over Ronald Reagan in 1980.

"The Clintons have the best political team in the country - they're like the government in exile," King said.

Given the midterm election results, the Daily News' Michael Daly suggests that "there's a clear gender and cultural issue in politics today and it favors Democrats." Which means you can bet on Hillary running for President.

The AP reports that while talking to reporters on Friday, Clinton said she was "exhausted" from campaigning and wanted to "take some time and get focused on the work ahead of us," rather than think about running for President just yet.

And the NY Times has an editorial about how the NY State Republican Party needs to rebuild itself, complete with hosannas for Mayor Bloomberg: "Some upstaters regard Mr. Bloomberg as too independent — their term is RINO, or Republican in Name Only. That’s a self-destructive attitude for a party on the ropes. New York’s G.O.P. should embrace the city’s dynamic mayor as its guiding star."

Photograph of Senator Clinton with an admirer outside an NYC firehouse last Wednesday by Seth Wenig/AP