2008_08_serb.jpgSenator Hillary Clinton will not give up in her attempts to bring Miladin Kovacevic back to the US in order to face due process. Kovacevic fled the country after being accused of beating Brooklyn's Bryan Steinhauer within an inch of his life this past spring. Since there has not been a great deal of cooperation from Serbian officials in extraditing Kovacevic, Hillary is now trying to pull at the purse strings of the Serbian basketball league he has signed to play with. The senator sent a letter yesterday to sneaker company AND1 and several other corporate backers encouraging them to pull their sponsorship from the league. While Serbian justice officials are still saying that there is not enough evidence to force Kovacevic back to the States, last week the diplomat who falsified a passport in order to allow him to leave the US was sentenced to a month in jail.