While campaigning New Hampshire yesterday, Senator Hillary Clinton brought up two interesting things. First, she said the middle class will not be "invisible" to her, which the NY Times notes is similar to what husband Bill said in 1992. Then she also tried to use President John F. Kennedy as an example for her campaign:

"He was smart, he was dynamic, he was inspiring and he was Catholic. A lot of people back then [1960] said, 'America will never elect a Catholic as president.' But those who gathered here almost a half century ago knew better. They believed America was bigger than that and Americans would give Sen. John F. Kennedy a fair shake, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So when people tell me, or one of the pundits says, 'I don't think a woman can be elected president,' I say we'll never know unless we try."

She told this at a successful "100 Club" dinner which sold $100 tickets to 1,000 people. Of course, the Kennedy comparison is used more frequently with her rival, Senator Barack Obama, who won the hearts of New Yorkers with his Friday night Manhattan fund-raiser.

And Gridskipper published some a list of some NYC venues where you may find Clinton, Bubba, and Chelsea.

Photograph of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire yesterday by Cheryl Senter/AP