Yesterday, Senator Barack Obama told 200 fundraisers that he had made a $2,300 personal check to Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign to help her retire her campaign debt. Clinton also appeared at the Mayflower Hotel (yes, where Eliot Spitzer had his rendez-vous with Kristen), where the focus was on the Democratic presidential contender and his one-time rival.

The Washington Post described the event as "emotional and upbeat." Still, ABC News reports some Clinton donors weren't totally at ease, with one saying, "This felt like when your mom forces you to go visit your Aunt Ida and she has to pinch your cheeks and you're sitting there in an uncomfortable suit and you can't wait to leave." Later today Clinton and Obama will appear together in public--in Unity, NH--for the first time since Clinton conceded.

On the other side of the pond, Clinton's spouse and daughter attended friend Sir Elton John's own fundraiser, the White Tie & Tiaras Ball, which raised money for the Elton John Aids Foundation. It's unclear if Sir Elton will help Clinton with her debt--he did say he'd "be there for her" earlier this year.