Yesterday, Senator - and official Presidential candidate - Hillary Clinton made her first public appearances. She went to Hell's Kitchen to discuss a health insurance program for children - and announced she would make health care a critical of her campaign:

"I want to have a conversation with our citizens about we want for our country, and one of the goals that I will be presenting is health insurance for every child and universal health care for every American. That will be a very major part of my campaign, and I want to hear people's ideas about how we can achieve that goal."

There is nothing like a photo op with lots of cute kids. And note how it says "Chelsea" and "Clinton" on the podium - that's some unintentional subliminal messing from the Ryan Center. And tonight on her website, Clinton will have her first "conversation."

The Daily News speaks with 1984 Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro who says people are ready for a female President and Hillary "has all the attributes that it takes to be a President, and she'll be a good one." And the NY Times wonders who Governor Spitzer, should Clinton win the 2008 race, would name as the temporary junior Senator. Race and region are factors, with names like City Comptroller William Thompson and Representative Jose Serrano as well as Representative Nita Lowey and Representative Jerrold Nadler. Nadler, along with City Council Christine Quinn, were on hand for yesterday's event.


Photographs of Clinton (with children at top and with Rep. Nadler and Speaker Quinn at bottom) by Kathy Willens/AP