Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's marathon tour of Africa was supposed to spotlight pressing issues like AIDS, rape, and other atrocities, but those boring old talking points have been eclipsed by her furious response to a Congolese student's maladroit question about what "Mr. Clinton thinks through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton." Yesterday, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley futilely tried to shift the media's lowbrow focus, explaining that Clinton perceived the question as sexist because it asked for "the views of two men, but not [hers]." But when pressed further Crowley sighed, "I wasn't there, okay? She reacted to what she heard." A source tells the Daily News, "She's tired. She's in the rape capital of the world. It's a long trip." Okay, but neither Clinton nor the student has commented on the contretemps yet, so this can probably get us through a couple more news cycles! In the meantime, there are other important issues to discuss—like why isn't Madam Secretary dressing to impress on her Africa tour?! As Newsday wonders, "Can some great stylist step in and help?" And the Daily Show dubbed the incident "Crankypants Suit"; watch the funny segment below: