It's been a long 17 days since we started living in Trump's America, but here we are and there is still much to be thankful for. In a sweet gesture, some thoughtful Westchester residents decided to express their thanks to a beloved neighbor. And Hillary Clinton responded:

Some of colorful signs, which were at the corner of Old House Lane in Chappaqua, read, "We are thankful for Hillary, an American hero!" "You are loved!" and "I'm With Her!"

On Wednesday, Clinton, along with Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Chelsea's son Aiden, were spotted at the Chappaqua Village Market by many people with social media accounts:

Brittany Valente told NBC4, "They were so relaxed and shopping for Thanksgiving dinner at the local village market. They were so nice talking to everyone, wishing them happy holidays and at one point Hillary said 'We must stay strong together no matter what. Thank you for your support.'"