While President-elect Barack Obama raised nearly a billion dollars and still has $30 million left, his Secretary of State pick Hillary Clinton still has $7.5 million in campaign debt. According to the Daily News, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is helping Clinton, whom Ferrera supported during the presidential campaign, by "hosting a 'conversation' in support of Hillary Clinton for President Debt Relief.'" Also expected at the conversation: Bill Clinton. Vice President-elect Joe Biden sent an email to Obama-Biden supporters, asking them to also help with Clinton's debt relief, "Our campaign pledged to help Sen. Hillary Clinton...retire her campaign debt... I saw your generosity and commitment to this team throughout the election, and I know we can do it. Will you make a contribution of $100 or more now to retire Hillary's campaign debt?” The money Clinton owes is mostly for vendors--and $3.5 million is for pollster Mark Penn!