2006_03_hilclinton.jpgWhile Hillary Clinton talks about being New York's senator for another term, everyone knows she's looking at presidential run in 2008 - you don't call the House of Representatives a "plantation" without an agenda. Now, it seems to be confirmed with a look at her "re-election campaign" finances - the NY Times reports that she's raised more money than any of the Democratic presidential wannabes with a cool $17.1 million. And sometimes the fundraisers include special guest star, former President Bill Clinton, who makes checkbooks pop open when he walks in a room. Which means she's on pace to easily squash a challenger in this year's Senator race (which is, sadly, a joke as it's eight months from election and there still isn't a Republican candidate) and to be a dominant force in 2008.

The Observer looks at how the publishing industry loves it some Hillary Clinton books - no matter if they are investigative journalism, Hil-and-Bill bashing or fluff pieces. If you've got a Hillary Clinton book idea, there's probably three publishers for you!