In unsurprising but still headline-generating news, Senator Hillary Clinton has declared herself in the 2008 presidential race this morning. She posted a message on her website, HillaryClinton.com. Here is some of her statement:

I'm in. And I'm in to win.

Today I am announcing that I will form an exploratory committee to run for president.

And I want you to join me not just for the campaign but for a conversation about the future of our country -- about the bold but practical changes we need to overcome six years of Bush administration failures.

I am going to take this conversation directly to the people of America, and I'm starting by inviting all of you to join me in a series of web chats over the next few days.

The stakes will be high when America chooses a new president in 2008.

As a senator, I will spend two years doing everything in my power to limit the damage George W. Bush can do. But only a new president will be able to undo Bush's mistakes and restore our hope and optimism.

Only a new president can renew the promise of America -- the idea that if you work hard you can count on the health care, education, and retirement security that you need to raise your family. These are the basic values of America that are under attack from this administration every day.

And only a new president can regain America's position as a respected leader in the world.

I believe that change is coming November 4, 2008. And I am forming my exploratory committee because I believe that together we can bring the leadership that this country needs. I'm going to start this campaign with a national conversation about how we can work to get our country back on track.

What do you think of this announcement? Do you think she'll win the Democratic nomination? The other darling in Democratic circles these days is Barack Obama, who also started an exploratory committee for the nomination. But we wonder if either will make it to Denver (site of the 2008 Democratic National Convention).

Here's the NY Times on her announcement - though she's a popular politician, her support for the Iraq war and baggage during her husband's presidency leave many questions. And aside from this announcement, the big Hillary news today was how she has invited the son of a retired police officer as a guest to the State of the Union address. Caesar Borja's father Cesar is very ill from a pulmonary disease many believe is from working at Ground Zero; Cesar Borja is awaiting a lung transplant at Mount Sinai.