2008_09_hillsarah.jpgHillary Clinton will be in Florida tomorrow, as Barack Obama's campaign mobilizes prominent Democratic women to hit the campaign trail on his behalf as the GOP touts Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Clinton appeared at the Labor Day Parade in Midtown yesterday, but she didn't directly critique Palin. The Senator from New York did say, "I slightly amend my comments from Denver. No way, no how, no McCain, no Palin."

That's a variation on her post-RNC statement, in which Clinton also said, "After listening to all the speeches this week, I heard nothing that suggests the Republicans are ready to fix the economy for middle class families, provide quality affordable health care for all Americans, guarantee equal pay for equal work for women, restore our nation's leadership in a complex world or tackle the myriad of challenges our country faces.

Palin referred to Clinton when she was announced as John McCain's running mate, "It was rightly noted ... that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest hardest class ceiling in America. But it turns out that the women of America aren't finished yet!" Still, at least the media is hoping for a battle of the prominent female politician wills. Yesterday, the NY Times wondered, "The Real ’08 Fight - Clinton v. Palin?" and today, the NY Post calls Clinton a "Lady Killer" and created matchup graphic, complete with classic Post Photoshop fun.


The NY Times' op-ed columnists are focusing on Palin today: Frank Rich calls the McCain-Palin pairing "a shotgun marriage" and Maureen Dowd writes, "It’s delicious imagining the debate between Big Mama, as Bill’s male aides called Hillary Clinton, and 'Hottie Granny,' as People magazine will doubtless dub Sarah Palin."