Despite rumors to the contrary, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she's staying put where she is. She said on "Meet the Press," "I do not and have never wanted to be a judge, ever. I mean, that has never been anything that I even let cross my mind because it's just not my personality." But is the former New York senator getting burned out at her current position?

When asked whether she would finish her first term as Secretary of State, Clinton responded, "I intend to...I mean, you know, people have been asking me this and in, in the interest of full disclosure, it is an exhausting job. But I enjoy it, I have a great time doing it." However, when pressed by host David Gregory, she backpedaled a bit and said, "I think so. I mean, look, you know, ask me next month and the month after that." Whether she stays or not, she does have confidence that Obama will pick a qualified candidate, and wants him to pick a "people-savvy, young person" for the position. What, Scalia isn't people-savvy enough for her?