While the media back home is still examining the aftermath of the midterm elections, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked by the New Zealand media about 2012 and 2016. The one-time presidential candidate, who is on a tour of Asia-Pacific countries, said she ruled out a future run, "Oh yes, yes. I'm very pleased to be doing what I'm doing as secretary of state."

During a sit-down with a TV station, Clinton was asked about the midterm results, with the interviewer saying, "It seems almost incomprehensible at this great distance that the euphoria that accompanied Obama's victory in 2008 has seemingly evaporated in the mid-term elections. Why has that happened?" Clinton responded:

Well we have a historical pattern of this happening, that the party of the president loses seats in the first mid-term election. So in that respect that is not at all out of the ordinary. I remember very well it happened to my husband back in 1994. That doesn't make it any easier and it's deeply saddening to see good people lose their congressional seats. It is part of a historical pattern. Certainly I know the President said in his press conference he is going to work hard in the next two years to build a strong relationship with the congress, with the new leaders to get things done for our people.

The interviewer also asked, "You're in a country that has had two female prime ministers. You're heading to a country that's just had its first female Prime Minister. Is your country ready for a female president?" Clinton said, "Well, I hope so. It should be," but later said, "Not me, but it will be someone. And it is nice being in two countries that have already proven that they can elect women to the highest governing positions that they have in their systems."