2006_05_celebfight.jpgOf all the possible "celebrities" you'd expect to get in a fight, Axl Rose would probably be on the list. But designer of preppy clothing that rapper somehow took a liking to, Tommy Hilfiger? At Rosario Dawson's birthday party at Plumm (VIP Room, natch) last night, apparently Axl Rose moved Hilfiger's girlfriend's drink down the table. And maybe she was jostled by Rose. A witness tells the Daily News, "Tommy put his hand out, Axl grabbed Tommy's arm and pushed it hard, and Tommy came back with a fist." Then, pow pow! Hilfiger punched Rose in the cheek, and then security came over to separate them - the Post says people starting running from room and trampled Kid Rock! Hilfiger was thrown out of Plumm, while Rose stayed to perform, dedicating "You're Crazy" to Hilfiger.

Kid Rock took the time to explain that Hilfiger was upset he was asked to move and make room for Rose at the table, and the Post has his insights on fame:

The hierarchy, according to Kid Rock, begins with mere mortals and works its way up to sports stars.

"After that it's movie stars, then rock stars, then Michael Jordan." Hilfiger is somewhere between a mere mortal and a sports star in this ranking.

Gothamist actually thinks Michael Jordan is bigger than rock stars and many movie stars these days (honestly, who would you pick, Kid Rock or Michael Jordan?), but point taken! What would be funny is if Snoop Dogg would take on a beef with Axl Rose on behalf of Tommy H. (Snoop does mention Tommy's bro in a song).