While it lacks the visceral intensity of the San Francisco bus fight video masterpiece, in some ways this audio recording of a nasty argument on the D train is even more enthralling, because it leaves something to the imagination. (We're picturing Edith Bunker vs. Rachel Dratch.) Commuter Joellen Nicholson, who published the video on YouTube, calls it "just another night on the D train comin' home from work. Kudos to the subway Samaritan, who I've named 'Father Subway,' for taking control of the situation."

"Be quiet, I've gotta BABY-sit you!" Nicholson tells us the fight broke out between two women who definitely knew each other, on Wednesday night around 10 p.m., between the Grand Street and Atlantic/Pacific stations. She says one of the women had "a beer belly, as her friend kindly pointed out in the audio. She kinda reminded me a little of Penny Marshall." The other woman "had kind of a manly build, short bi-level hair cut."

According to Nicholson, "There was a little bit of 'smacking' but it didn’t get too far because two men jumped in right away to separate the two ladies... From what I could get out of the conversation one was upset that the other didn’t leave the bar when she said she was going to... I have an old iPhone so couldn’t shoot video. I used the voice memo app on my phone. I started about 5 minutes into the fighting after I realized a) this wasn’t a set up b) it was only getting better AND c) I needed proof to give the moment justice!" And give it justice she did. Who wants to help put together a sock-puppet play to match the audio?