2006_02_mariah.jpgMmm, there is nothing like it when the NY Times dips its toes into celebrity journalism. Sure, their story about what celebrities do when they buy or sell homes had some interesting new facts, but it also makes Gothamist feels less dirty than when we decide to get that issue of US Weekly for a subway ride (it takes 10 minutes to read!). This is our favorite anecdote:

Dolly Lenz, a vice chairman of Prudential Douglas Elliman in New York, said she once advised Mariah Carey to arrive for an interview with a Manhattan building's co-op board "dressed for a funeral." She appeared "in a halter top and mini-mini-miniskirt," Ms. Lenz recalled.

"I said, 'I told you to come dressed for a funeral,' " Ms. Lenz said. "She said, 'This is the way I dress for a funeral.' " She was not approved."

Awesome to know that everything we suspected about co-op boards and music world funerals is true! More celebrity antics: A Central Park West apartment seller once proposed to Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen gave tours of his Upper East Side home. We once heard about how Madonna makes sure that apartments are empty when she looks at them (only for a seller's teenaged daughter to stay put and play dumb when Madonna peeked into the room). Anyway, brokers tells the TImes that celebrities have a jones for the celebrity architect apartments (Wilbur Gonzalez from Corcoran said, "As silly as it sounds, it's from one artist to another."), so for us laymen, it's reassuring to the know paparazzi won't be bothering us.

Though what about the trend of celebrities moving to Brooklyn to keep it real?