Taxis; Photo - hattori.orgWhile protesting downtown yesterday, Bhairavi Desai of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance (which represents 4800 taxi drivers) said there may be a strike by taxi drivers in the future if the TLC continues to drag its feet over a fare hike. Taxi fares haven't been raised since 1996.

- Currently fares start at $2 and increase 30 cents for every fifth of a mile; there is a 50 cent night charge.
- According to the NYTWA, drivers pay $103 to lease a cab for a 12-hour shift in the daytime and $112 at night, not including gas.
- NYTWA says that most drivers make as little as $350 a week.
- An average 2.8 mile ride in NY is $6.85 - the second lowest of 14 cities surveyed last month.

The NYTWA is looking for a hike of at least 44%; $2 charge, with 40 cents per fifth of a mile. Other proposals on the table.

2003_10_mtahike2.jpgThe Post reports that the MTA is looking to raise subway fares just as the city is getting over the 50 cent increase from seven months ago. The next fare hike could be in 2005, due to "massive budget gaps" in the MTA's future; the MTA's budget could be further challenged if they take control of private bus lines. While the MTA won't release numbers from their financial outlook, different transit advocacy groups and leaders have been briefed on the "agency's dreary outlook."