The Taxi and Limousine Commission wants to roll out some more hi-tech accoutrements in city taxis, including news on the backseat screens (again!), credit card payment, and a wireless tracking system for lost belongings, not to mention monitors for drivers that could update them about traffic. However, many drivers aren't sure if they want the equipment, which the TLC is requiring for all 12,787 hacks, because it'll cost thousands of dollars. The coordinator for the NY Taxi Workers Alliance says the equipment is "Big Brother-esque," because there would be GPS tracking; the TLC says that the monitors will help drivers navigate the city better and offer better service to customers. And at today's hearing about the matter, Newsday reports that one 30-year taxi driving veteran, Kevin Fitzpatrick, was escorted out after exceeding his time to speak (he suggested the TLC would "spy on Muslim hacks").

Gothamist is surprised that the TLC is considering taxi TVs; we hope the new ones will be better than the stupid ones at last go around. But we're fans of just looking at the city go by in our rides, since many of our travels are underground.