A 17-year-old student was allegedly bullied so much at her Manhattan high school that she jumped off a subway platform and was fatally struck by a train.

The Post reports that Aileen Jiminian, a senior at the Manhattan Village Academy in Flatiron, was fatally struck by a 1 train at around 12:30 p.m. at the 23rd Street Station on Thursday. According to witnesses, Jiminian jumped onto the tracks before she was struck, though the school is reportedly describing her death as an "accident."

Students say Jiminian, a 2016 semifinalist for the New York Times College Scholarship program, was relentlessly bullied. "It’s really sad. She would get called stupid or ugly or awkward," one student told the tabloid. "Some kids are just really mean." The school, meanwhile, reportedly sent a letter to parents asking them to "impress upon your child not to post any information regarding this tragedy on social media," apparently in keeping with the teen's family's wishes. The Post also reports that a number of students told a grief counselor at the school that they regretted "how they treated" Jiminian, who has a twin sister at the school.

The Department of Education has not yet responded to request for comment, but Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña put out a statement: "I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of one of our students and my heart breaks for her family and the entire school community at Manhattan Village Academy. We are working closely with the school to provide crisis resources to support and comfort those grieving during this very difficult time."

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