townsendharris.jpgThe Dept. of Education released its list of where 8th Graders are choosing to attend high school and apparently Queens is the place to be in the fall of '07. Townsend Harris High received the largest number (3,452) of incoming freshmen applicants listing the school as their first choice for the next academic year. According to the NY Post City schools and their students aren't bound by geography. 8th Graders are asked to list their 12 most-preferred schools they'd like to attend and then they are assigned a high school. The high school matching program is separate from the admissions process to the city's nine specialized schools, where 27,000 students took an exam to gain entrance to schools like Bronx Science and Stuyvesant that have a total of 5,500 seats.

According to, Townsend Harris High in Flushing enrolls about 1,100 students and sports a 100% graduation rate.

" For high-achieving students looking for alternatives to science-driven Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech, Townsend Harris High School is a singular, and appealing, choice. With a focus on humanities, Townsend Harris requires students to complete three years of a modern language (French, Spanish, Hebrew, or Japanese) and two years of Latin or Greek. Unfortunately, its relatively secluded location makes subway commuting a challenge for many, and impossible for those living at a distance."

86% of the student body was split evenly between Asian and white students, with the other 14% also split about evenly between black and Hispanic students. 70% of all students are female. The article in the New York Post has a list of all the city schools that received applicants and their number.

(Photo of Townsend Harris)