Something to make all high school parents confident: Kids are now playing poker for big money at school. The Post notes that kids from Bed-Stuy to Stuyvesant are losing up to $300 as they try to emulate their role models on the World Series of Poker, playing during lunch and after school. One Stuyvesant senior, Max Last-Name-Withheld, said

That's my aspiration. It's like somebody wanting to get in the NBA. I'm going to earn a living and have a stable lifestyle and hopefully win a couple of tournaments, then get into the World Series.

Man, your kid gets into Stuyvesant, but he's dreaming about the World Series of Poker. Haven't these kids seen Rounders? Oh, wait, probably not, since it stank. Another Stuyvesant student says, "After school, we all get together at Burritoville and play for higher stakes than in school." Clearly, it's time for Gothamist to get a Mystic Frisco burrito and check out the scene. The idea of gambling at school takes on an intriguing meaning when you think about how Governor Pataki wants to use gambling proceeds to fund NYC schools.

Some good films about gambling: Bob le Flambeur and its underrated remake, The Good Thief.