A 16-year-old girl has been arrested and charged in the murder of a rival gang member. Police say that Sahiah (Uzi) Davis was ordered to kill 16-year-old Nathaniel Walcott in April by her new crew, the Wave Gang. "They wanted her to do this to show that she's down with them," one source told the News.

Police sources said that Davis, a rising sophomore at George Westinghouse HS, was caught on surveillance video shooting the teen, and that she later admitted to shooting Walcott, the son of a retired city correction officer. Walcott had spent the past 18 months at Lincoln Hall, a juvenile delinquent facility in northern Westchester, after getting into "trouble" at school in Brooklyn. Walcott was also a member of Davis' former crew, the Hood Starz.

Davis' parents deny that their daughter confessed to any crime: "That's a lie. They made her say that," her mother Kiwana Kearse said. Her relatives also insisted that she was afraid of guns, and her nickname Uzi had nothing to do with the submachine gun: her mother said she got the name because she "oozed" out at birth, while her stepfather said she was sloppy while eating licorice as a younger child, suggesting it "oozed" down her chin.

Davis allegedly spotted Walcott riding a pink bicycle around 11 p.m. on Bristol St. in Brooklyn on April 25. She is accused of fatally shooting him in the back, and has been charged with second-degree murder. Her stepfather believes police are wrong though: "She's a sweetheart. And they're making her out to be a monster."