2007_02_scoreboard.jpgThis is a relatively minor incident, but the photograph from the Post elevates this story to a new level. James Monroe Campus High School had ordered a new 7' by 9' scoreboard to replace their current, barely working 50-year old one. But when the scoreboard arrived, there was no door big enough for it to fit through! The Post reports that deliveryman spent four hours trying to find an entrance at the Bronx school accommodating enough to no avail.

The Department of Education says it's the vendor's fault for not knowing whether the sign could actually be successfully delivered. The scoreboard dealer Nickerson says that the problem was because they didn't realize the metal bar in the middle of the double doors was welded to the frame. D'oh! Luckily, Nickerson won't charge the DOE extra for a second delivery, even if it means using a crane to bring through the second floor (just make sure the interior doors, stairways and hallways can handle it), because we know how the DOE loves to save money.

Monroe's basketball team, the Eagles, are in the playoffs, facing off with the Martin Van Buren Fighting Veebees next Tuesdays.