2005_10_subwaypatrol.jpgThough federal officials say there is no corrobation at this point, city still says the subway bombing threat that caused New Yorkers to be even more vigilant than usual (but basically as vigilant right after the London bombings in July) was credible. However, in hopes of making it look like the NYPD and Department of Homeland Security are on the same page, the DHS has said that the Mayor acted prudently in warning New Yorkers. Over the weekend, Gothamist watched a new program with former Police Commissioner Howard Safi, who essentially said the NYPD has its act together and the Department of Homeland Security is a useless agency, which pretty much describes how most people feel about it. Anyway, who needs corroboration when Senator McCain and his big goiter thinks Mayor Bloomberg did the right thing. All of this refocused fear about our subways has Senator Schumer arguing for more federal money to protect subways. Two words: Good luck! It'll take another four years for that to happen!

The Mayor told parents that the subways are safe for children, and he also took the subway uptown last night to see the Yankees beats the Angels. New York magazine has reactions from subway riders about the threats and the Daily News says that business is brisk for psychiatrists. No kidding - buy stock in Atavan!

Photograph from the Agence-France Presse