If you live at Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town and illegally have a pet, watch out: The owners are asking housing employees to snitch on animal owners. The Post has the memo distributed to PCV/ST employees:

Any [maintenance] worker who reports the existence of an illegal pet in one of the apartments will receive an award if their report leads to either the successful repossession of the apartment or the successful removal of the illegal pet.

Employees get a reward of a $150 American Express gift cards, but only the animal is successfully removed.

Assemblyman Steven Sanders tells the Post, "It's appalling. It's creating a kind of totalitarian environment where MetLife is encouraging employees to spy and inform on tenants." And everyone can see where this is going: Squeezing out rent-stabilized tenants on the premise of pet-ownership so the apartments can be rented out for higher rates.

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