A camera hidden in the wall of a ladies' room at the New York Design Center secretly documented customers and employees for a month, a new lawsuit alleges. According to court documents obtained by the Post, the camera was found behind a broken wall tile on the sixth floor bathroom in April; the custodian who discovered it said it was trained on one of the stalls.

While the NYPD investigates, attorney Joel M. Rubenstein of German Rubenstein filed the lawsuit on behalf of 17 employees at the Design Center, which is known for its fancy showrooms displaying high-end interior designs. "Our clientele is usually the high-end New York housewife who can afford to spend up to $4,000 or $5,000 on one of our items,” one employee tells the tabloid. "You wouldn’t expect it from such a prestigious building." Yeah, it's not like this was a bathroom in some cardiologists's office—you expect to cameras to film you peeing in a place like that.

This is why we never go anywhere without our Mini Hidden Camera Detector: