Well screw you, Men's Fitness (screw you a little less now)! Perhaps we've indulged in a few too many egg custards recently and we're contributing to the problem as New York City has landed on Men's Fitness' list of 25 fattest cities. In fact, we're in the top 10! We've improved soooo much in the past year that we're actually the 25th fattest city now. Psh, if you're going to call us fat, you might as well put us at #1! All joking aside, the magazine lists several reasons why we've shed 17 spots:

- We've got more doctors per capita than a lot of other cities and lots of hospital beds too.
- We don't consume too much alcohol (could have fooled us)
- Only 1 in 5 of us is obese
- But we're still slothlike as 29% of us don't do any moderate physical activity for 30+ days. And that includes vacuuming.

All this is a huge change from just one year ago...which is a little odd.

- 54% of us are over our "ideal" body weight according to the CDC
- We have fewer gyms per capita than any city but Detroit (they were last)
- We have fewer bars and taverns per capita than any city in their survey (this is actually a positive thing)

Okay, there are some things you just have to shake your head at. We may have fewer bars per capita, but our fine city probably has more bars than several of the smaller cities on this list combined. Men's Fitness also lists our rush-hour commute as 40% longer than our off-peak commute (the national average is 33%) according to some study by Texas A&M. Gothamist thinks those Agricultural and Mechanical kids need to take a ride on the subway. Have they ever tried riding some of the trains during off-peak times? Besides, all our walking and biking during the transit strike have got to count for something. Furthermore, we seem to rank in the ten worst when it comes to number of parks and open spaces per capita. That seems to come with having a gigantic built-up city, doesn't it.

Now we're going to drown ourselves in our gluttonous sorrow at one of those bars.