So you are still smoking non-electronic cigarettes, eh? Congratulations Mr. Moneybags, I'm proud of you for standing up to the man and sticking to your (suicidal) life choices. Seriously—as a long-time smoker, I am! And so, I'd hazard to guess, are smoking activists. But as one smoker to another, there is something we should talk about: litter.

Much like cyclists, smokers get a lot of hate here in the Big Apple these days even when we are just trying to mind own business and enjoy our cancer sticks. But also like cyclists, there are basic things that we, as smokers, can do to lessen the hate. Without, y'know, quitting. Because really, New York State can use the tax money we give them.

The main thing we can do is be courteous, because the bitchier you are about your smoke the worse we all look. So! Why not try and be a little more aware of the people around you. Apparently not everyone loves the smell of tobacco! So remember that. Which doesn't mean stop smoking in your apartment if you are allowed to (personally, I actually like the effort it takes to go out for a puff). But just, y'know, try not to blow smoke in people's faces, and don't light up while you are still on the stairs getting out of the subway or before the building you are leaving's door has even closed. The smoking prohibitionists are still going to bitch and moan and say that we're all a bunch of suicidal savages, but in your heart of hearts you'll know they aren't talking about you. And that's a good feeling.

Second, and what we really want to talk to you about, is our butts. While there is an undeniable appeal to the sensation one gets watching a spent smoke arc over the sidewalk into the gutter, it is also one of the few places where smoker-haters have us by the balls. Cigarette filters are, after all, non-biodegradable, quickly add up and, well, look gross (not to mention the fact that somebody is going to have to sweep them up). So just do us all a favor and stop flicking and start actually using those ashtrays most buildings put outside. Or even use a trash can.

Wait, that is too much walking for you? There is another way to dispose of your butts: an Altoids tin. Buy one, eat the mints (or don't), and then put it in the pocket (or bag or jacket) you keep your smokes in. Voila! You've got yourself a portable ashtray which you can dump at your leisure. As we've learned from using them in take-it-out-with-you places like Burning Man (don't judge), those curiously strong tins work really well, won't leak ash on you, and also are pretty good at masking the smell of ashtray. You can even buy a special crafty tin, if you're into personalizing such things. Bonus? If you collect enough butts you can make yourself a shiv!