Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just can't stay away from the Big Apple. After a big splash in May, when Chuck Schumer accused him of lying about his nuclear ambitions, the controversial leader touched down in New York today for the 65th United Nations General Assembly session. And on NBC's "Today" earlier this week, he cleared up some misconceptions about Iran.

He spoke out against the Koran-burning threats by Pastor Terry Jones, saying, "People (in Islamic countries) are against that ugly behavior. They are not against the people of the United States. They are not against Americans, they are not against Jews. They are not against Christians or Christianity." And regarding his visit to New York, he told AFP that Iran is vital to world peace. "The Iranian nation has meticulous methods and divine values to offer to the world since materialistic thoughts have reached a complete defeat, which is why there is no clear outlook for the sustainable peace and welfare of the world."

Before coming to New York, Ahmadinejad stopped off in Syria, where he said that the Middle East would "disrupt" US and Israeli plans to affect politics in the region. He didn't elaborate. This better not call for a fallout shelter.