Heroin in the furniture; Photo - AP

Authorities found over $22 million of heroin molded into furniture in Queens:

“This method of mixing the heroin with other chemicals is called starching,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown explained Monday.

“It is done so as to disguise the heroin and then the heroin is reprocessed back into its full strength ... . In this case, it’s the first time that I’ve seen it where the heroin is actually molded into furniture to find its way into this country.”

The men used sanders to grind the molding — a mixture of heroin and resin that was glued on bed headboards, baseboards, nightstands and other bedroom furniture — into powder. The powder was transferred into buckets, mixed with chemicals that extract the impurities and then poured through filters into four 55-gallon drums, said Lt. William Waters, head of Queens Narcotics Major Crime squad.

Yeah, and heroin users would be injecting or snorting that. Gothamist may not be squeamish, but Jen sure is. Ewww.

Video from NY1